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The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls

By Meg Miroshnik

Director: Lizzie Bennett

Costume Designer: Cassie Frazier

UNCW Student Lab - Fall 2019

Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls represents the unique and struggle-filled quest girls must take to become women of today's society.

I was given the opportunity to design costumes for Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls, a show presented in the Student Lab series at UNCW. The costumes for this production were either purchased within a budget of $30 or pulled from the UNCW Costume stock and altered to suit the show.

The setting of the show was 2008 Russia.

IMG_0330 (3).PNG
IMG_0331 (3).PNG
DSC_0912 (2).JPG
DSC_0085 (2).JPG
DSC_0151 (2).JPG
DSC_0121 (2).JPG
DSC_0165 (2).JPG
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