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Talley's Folly

By Lanford Wilson

Director: Kindra Steenerson

Costume Designer: Cassie Frazier

UNCW Mainstage - Spring 2021

"Cassie Frazier's costumes do as much as anything to reveal the characters and the time in which they live, with a no-fuss coat and tie for Matt and fashionably clean lines with no wasted cloth in Sally's blue dress."

- Bob Workmon, Wilmington StarNews

I designed Talley's Folly as a part of a UNCW faculty design team. I began this process by researching men and women's summer 1944 clothing, sketching their general silhouettes, and selecting color palettes. For the female lead, I chose graphically design and print my own fabric inspired by the opening monologue of the show. I, then, finalized the exact pattern. The dress was draped and fully constructed by the UNCW costume studio staff.

For the male lead, I sorted through UNCW costume stock as well as purchased items such as the vest, sport coat, trousers, and hat online.

Rendering - Matt Friedman (2).PNG
Rendering - Sally Talley (2).PNG
IMG_0472 (2).jpg
Talley's Folly - Fabric Photo (2).JPG
IMG_6448 (2).jpg
IMG_6450 (2).jpg
IMG_6626 (2).jpg
_JAI9707 (2).jpg
IMG_6294 (2).jpg
IMG_6417 (2).jpg
Talley's Folly - Davis Wood (2).PNG
TF - Promo Photo3 (2).JPG
Talley's Folly - Meghan and Davis (3).PN
Talley's Folly - Davis Wood2 (2).PNG
Talley's Folly - Davis and Meghan (2).PN
Talley's Folly - Meghan McDonald (2).PNG
Talley's Folly - Davis and Meghan2 (2).P
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